360 photos: Why should you use it in your business?

About Trip in 360 and 360º experience

Trip in 360 creates virtual reality content for the hospitality industry succeeding in attracting new tourists with an immersive and engaging 360º experience!

Used in the right way, VR can truly enhance the hotel in the eyes of customers, creating a more engaging and emotional connection that makes them feel one step closer to booking and coming to experience the real place.

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Benefits to have 360 features in your hotel social media and website

Stronger emotional connections

Just like a good book, VR has the power to transport people to another place and time, whisking them off to somewhere far away and exotic. According to Scanlin, “What VR does better than any other media or content tool is that it allows a potential guest to experience a hotel—not just see it, but experience it.”
While photography and regular video keeps the viewer at a certain distance, 360 video invites them into a scene. It’s this palpable sense of “being there” that can lead to a deeper connection with the experiences a hotel is promoting.

Boost consumer confidence

With traditional video, a hotel can easily create a false impression of a room by adjusting the camera angle, or not shooting certain spots. In contrast, VR shows every single angle of a room. As Scanlin says, “A VR camera can’t lie.” If a person feels better informed about a hotel, chances are they will book with greater confidence. As the technology becomes used more widely, guests may come to place greater trust in hotels that can offer them a truly accurate representation of where they’ll be staying.

Unique selling points

On a broader level, VR also helps to showcase unique selling points. For Scanlin, this is a big bonus in the fiercely competitive hotel industry. “Every hotel faces the same dilemma: what makes them different from countless other hotels?,” explains Scanlin. “They try to differentiate through photos, branding or service, but at the end of the day, the experience (or perceived experience) is what gets people to book.”
If a hotel can more effectively promote their best assets, they tip the balance in their favor. By offering the opportunity to wander around the lobby, sit beside the pool, or stroll along the beachfront, a potential guest can more easily understand the vibe of a hotel and destination and buy into the experience being sold.

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Examples of hotels using the 360 experience with their guests on Social Media and website

Think about how nice it would be to have a 360º interactive photo of your hotel on social media. People would experience the place even before booking and desire to be in your hotel as soon as possible. Check our brochure to learn more about our services

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Different kind of immersive experiences Trip in 360 can provide to your business

For a real experience use the Full Screen mode.

A) Photo

For a real experience use the “Full Screen” mode on the top right side.

B) Photo Animation

C) Virtual tour

For a real experience use the “Full Screen” mode on the top left side.

D) Interactive video

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Tips to use the 360 features aiming your hotel’s benefit

Focus on your hotel’s best features

Just like photos and traditional video, VR should showcase the standout features that guests most want to see. Know what makes your hotel special and be open to why guests feel it’s special. Guest surveys and comments on TripAdvisor and social media can help gain invaluable insights.

Places where you might want to show your guests:

Building (Outside view)
Pool area/Outdoor area
Rooms (with different standards)
Room toilet (It is very important as a decision making for people who value comfort and hygene)
Restaurant/ bar while serving the breakfast, meals and cocktails

Think beyond the physical building

If your hotel’s surrounding area is a selling point in its own right, make sure it features in the video. By capturing the compelling sights, unique attractions or natural beauty of your destination, you’ll be giving guests one more reason to book.

Did you check our brochure with the prices of the services provided? We have an additional package with pictures of the city attractions as well. Contact us to check the prices.

How do you experience 360 photos and videos?

Most 360 videos you see online on a computer are monoscopic in nature (2D). When using a mobile device, the built in gyroscopes allow you to look around a little more intuitively, compared to using a mouse on the desktop. 360 VR is stereoscopic video (3D) and is viewed as two distinct images directed individually to each eye.

In summit…

Used in the right way, VR can truly enhance your hotel in the eyes of customers, creating a more engaging and emotional connection that makes them feel one step closer to being with you.

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